About Arbazz

Award-Winning Marketer, Philanthropist and Education Leader

Marketing Expert

Arbazz has deep expertise in digital fundraising and growth hacking, education marketing, organizational change, cultural shifts, and social media branding and thought leadership.

Change Thinker

Arbazz is completing a doctoral degree in organizational change and is focused on researching the science of motivation, internal drivers, and meaning among young people in leading change.  

Nonprofit Founder

He co-founded the Sahaba Initiative at 17 and led it to become the 2018 Nonprofit of the Year recognized by the State of California and he’s recruited hundreds of Muslim Millennials and GenZers in getting involved in their local community.

Podcast Host

He recently launched the podcast The Bazz Show which engages some of the most conscious leaders in the world by exploring their innovation and turning it into action. 

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Care on the Go

Our Mission

Bazz Academy believes in that everyone can have an opportunity gain high-income skills through learning digital marketing. 

Our Vision

Bazz Academy's Vision is to Inspire a Billion People to Craft Their Own Career Journey.

Our History

Bazz Academy was founded in 2022 to help people finding meaning and purpose in digital careers. 

Our Mentors Community

To offer top quality training our mentor network consists of movers and shakers across the tech industry. 
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